Imagine YOUniversity provides college exploration opportunities for BIPOC students and families living in Snohomish County. 


We provide workshops that allow our students and family to understand what college is, application process and how to pay for college. 

College Tours

We provide hands on educational experiences where students and families have the opportunity to tour colleges locally and nationally. 


We provide mentoring to students and families who may need support in the transition from high school college. 

Why Imagine YOUniversity?

Hello my name is Ashley Kay and I am the CEO of Imagine YOUniversity, where we our mission is to empower our youth to live out their wildest dreams. We believe that every student deserves to live in a world where they get to choose what their future holds. 

We want to see all students of color living in Snohomish County not just graduate from high school but also, live out their wildest dreams. We want to help ALL students of color in making sure they know what options are available to them after graduating from high school. We know College isn't for everyone but we also know many of our students don't go to college because they don't see themselves in college, never been on a college campus or someone said they weren't college ready. We want to change that, one student, one family, one school at a time. 


Ashley Kay Smith, CEO of Imagine YOUniversity



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